Handmade Gifts

I didn't make many gifts this year - I was a little short on time unfortunately, but I did manage to get small things done.

First was a secret Santa gift for the office exchange. The person I was matched with really likes pink, candles and tea. So I decided to buy her a scented candle, a tea cup and I made a pink one-hour basket to put them in!

I used fat quarters I had in my stash and some By Annie's Soft & Stable to give the basket some structure and make sure it wouldn't collapse with the cup and the candle.

Next, I decided to make the ladies in my family coin purses just like the one I made for my sister a few weeks ago. I made 5 in total.

And that was it! That's all I was able to get done this year. I'm a little disappointed, but everything above was well received so I guess there's that.


  1. Better some than none! And those little coin purses are too cute. Just think of how much they'll be brightening their days every time they reach for them in their purse ;)

  2. Agree with Shannon - some better than none! Super cute what you did do!

  3. Those are great gifts. I didn't make many this year either. I think I need to start now for next Christmas. LOL


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