New Cowl Top (M6963)

I made another garment and I really like it! I mean, I'm not very good at garment sewing yet so this is far from perfect, but it's definitely wearable and I'm learning so much.

Apologies for the vacation hair and lack of make-up!

The pattern is McCall's M6963. It's from the Palmer Pletsch line so there lots of fitting help within the instructions so that even a beginner can achieve a good fit. My measurements put me somewhere between a 20 and a 22 but I decided to go with a straight 20 because of the amount of stretch in my fabric.

The fit is pretty good across the bust and falls perfectly at the hips but it's a bit big at the shoulders so the next time I make this, I might make the shoulders a little narrower.

The fabric I used is an ITY I purchased from I took these pictures on a really hot day and learned that polyester is definitely not something I'd want to be wearing on a hot summer day. This top will definitely be more of a layering piece for the Fall.

I sewed the entire thing on my regular sewing machine because I couldn't figure out the tension on my serger so the insides aren't super pretty. Also my machine kept wanting to eat this fabric which was a complete pain! I really need to fix this serger of mine!

Bottom line: I think this is a success! I'm definitely going to be wearing this and my 21 year-old daughter actually wants one!

The details:
  • Pattern: McCalls M6963
  • Size: 20
  • Fabric: ITY from 
  • Modifications: None


  1. That turned out great! You look beautiful!!

  2. Looks great! I'm scared of making clothes but I love seeing others' adventures!

  3. Très beau Izzy! Bravo! C'est tellement l'fun de porter nos créations. Si tu as besoin d'aide pour ta surjeteuse, je suis partante. Petit truc (que tu as déjà probablement entendu) : mets quatre fils de couleurs différentes. Tu pourras ainsi voir plus aisément l'effet quand tu changes la tension.

  4. You're such a cutie! I love this top - plus, it has polka dots!! Well done :)

  5. Great top. It looks great on you. You can't go wrong with a good polka dot.


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