Thursday, August 24, 2017

Back to School Zipper Pouch

Every year in August, my daughter Marianne asks me to make her a new pencil case for school. This year, she starts university (to say I'm proud of my McGill University student would be the understatement of the year!) so she needed a "serious" looking case.

She needed something big enough to accommodate a big scientific calculator and I wanted it to be a pretty quick finish so I used this tutorial once again. I used it recently to make myself a travel zipper pouch.

The dark pink print is from Connecting Threads and the pink solid is Kona Flamingo.  I only had 1 zipper that was long enough and would fit with the pink so I had to settle for a white zipper.

I just love those pink zipper tabs!

The lining is a print I've had in my stash for a long time.

Marianne loved her new zipper pouch and I'm actually disappointed I didn't make one identical to hers for myself!

I will be linking up this fun little finish at Anja Quilts for TGIFF!


Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

I love that Connecting Threads print, I have had and used it in so many different colors over the years. It looks awesome and since Marianne loved the pouch, I'd say it hit all the right notes! :)

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

That's an awesome print. That's quite the stylish pencil case.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That is such an awesome bag! I can see why she would love it.

Paige said...

I know you are so proud of her! I know she'll be proud to carry it a school!