Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 FAL Q2 List

Well, Q1 wasn't a huge success for me - only one finish (my mom's bed runner).  I shouldn't be surprised though, the first quarter of the year is crazy busy at work and this year was no different.

For Q2, because I know I'll be very busy finishing #quiltsforqc, I will keep my list fairly short.  And you might recognize most of them from the Q1 list.  :-)

1. Metro Challenge

The deadline for this guild challenge changed to May so I'm still hopeful I might actually get this one done in time.  I made no progress on it at all last quarter so it's still a pile of fabric and a drawing at this point.

2. City Sampler

This is another one I wasn't able to touch during Q1 so it's going back on the list.

3. Missing the U

This was on my Q1 list, but I did make progress!  In fact, I have a completed top, backing and the whole thing is now basted.  All that's left is the quilting and I have a plan...  I think!  :-)

And that's it for Q2.

How about you? Did you get your list done? Did you link up?


Jo said...

Your quilts are so bright and cheerful! I love the Tula Pink Sampler. Mine is on my list again this quarter as it's still not finished. Good luck this quarter!

Paige said...

Good luck this quarter and hope you find some time to sew! Lovely projects!

Debbie said...

Hopefully a doable list. Good luck!

Shannon said...

Those are some gorgeous colourful projects you've got in the works, Izzy!! Can't wait to see how you quilt them up!!

Cheryl said...

Great projects, I love your challenge quilt design.

Jasmine said...

Good luck with your goals. I love your quilt tops.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I've got lots of projects linked up---and a lot not on the list which will get done too! Have a great quarter!

Walkers Road Quilts said...

Good luck. Youhave beautiful and colourful projects.