Preppy the Whale Mini

I was supposed to be working on quilting a large quilt last weekend, but while scrolling through my iPad for inspiration, I remembered I purchased Elizabeth Hartman's Preppy the Whale pattern a little while ago and all of the sudden, I just had to make a mini quilt with these whales.

This mini would be so cool on the wall of the Island House with a couple of green whales!  I pulled out some Kona Ash for the background, Kona Pool and Kona Emerald for the two green whales, a white and black print from Connecting Threads for the other whales and got started cutting and piecing.

Before too long, I had all four whales pieced.

And then I noticed the two green whales weren't the right size - they were too long!  Both of them!  I had a choice: unpick the middle piece from both whales and fix the mistake or get a little creative and find a way to make it work.

I really don't like using my seam ripper so instead, I cut some more Ash and changed the layout a little bit.  I then added borders and had myself a finished quilt top.

I have to say I was quite pleased with my decision.  The whales look like they are swimming!

While I basted it, I tried to decide how to quilt my Preppy the Whale mini.  I went back and forth about which quilting designs to use... fancy FMQ... simple straight lines... a mix of both?  In the end, I went with wavy lines with the walking foot.  Sort of like waves!  Very quick but super effective with the design of the quilt me thinks!

I finished everything off with a Kona Candy Green binding and a cool text print for the backing.

And now this little quilt will be packed up and go over to the Island House in April, when we re-open the house for the summer.

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  1. Changing the layout was a great decision! The quilt is much more interesting this way than if they all lined up perfectly. I love the colours of the whales, and the quilting looks great. Thanks for linking to TGIFF :)

  2. I agree completely with Leanne. And I am seam-ripper challenged as well. Work-arounds are the best! :)

  3. Very creative fix! It looks wonderful!

  4. It is perfect! I love the fabrics you chose, and the changes you made to the pattern have made it more interesting. Great job!

  5. I just bought this pattern.... great job! I like the whales staggered. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love Preppy!! I like the colours you choose, and good call on adding the borders rather than taking the blocks apart.

  7. Love your color choices! The different sizes of the whale and the setting make the quilt more interesting, that was a great idea.

  8. Your whales are so cute! You used the little difference in length to change up the layout and add a lot of interest, I really like it.

  9. So adorable, your mistake really made the quilt, it does look like they are swimming in a group! Great fabric/colors.

  10. I love your little Whale... they are so cute! I was trying to catch up a little on your blog. I really love the bias tape mini. It's stunning!


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