WIP Wednesday - SuperNova

It’s been incredibly cold in Montreal the last month and a half and I’m definitely not a winter person.  So most of my evenings and weekends have been spent indoors quilting, sewing or crocheting.  I am steadily working on my FAL goals for the first quarter of 2015.  In fact, I’m finished with three of my five WIPs and we’re just halfway through the quarter.  Yay for me!

This week, I finished piecing the top of my SuperNova quilt and spent an hour on my hands and knees on Saturday pin basting it.  Probably my least favourite part of the whole quilt making process.

The blocks were made by my friend Julie and me as part of the SuperNova Friendship Swap last summer. Julie and I decided to go with a single colour scheme for each block along with a Kona Snow background. The goal for the swap was to make five blocks for ourselves and five identical blocks for our friend.  That meant ten blocks…  nine for a lap quilt and one for the backing or for a pillow.  Julie finishes hers way before me (you can see hers here) and when I saw that she added two blocks to make a bigger quilt, I decided to do the same thing.

These are my two extra blocks.  Notice something strange going on there? Yup – because the lighting in my sewing room is terrible, I ended up using Kona White instead of Kona Snow for my two extra blocks AND for the border! Of course, I only noticed my mistake once I brought the quilt top to the cottage for basting. The room I used was very bright and really highlighted the difference between the two solids.

I decided to just go with it and leave the top as it was.  This is not a quilt for a show and it’s not a gift – this quilt is destined to become a bed quilt at the new island house.

I’m hoping for a big reveal in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Vraiment beau Izzy! Pour ton fond, tu pourrais piquer avec un fil qui a une petite teinte. Ça unifiera peut-être tes deux tons de blanc. Bravo encore!

  2. I've seen so many Supernovas with colored backgrounds ... Kona Snow (and sometimes Kona White -- it happens to the best of us!) would be my choice, too. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt!

  3. The quilt looks gorgeous! No one will ever know about the fabric difference especially after it's quilted and washed! The colors are so vibrant and dance across the quilt!

  4. I think its gorgeous! I have done that with whites before! I think it will be gorgeous regardless!

  5. The colors are out of this world - I really love it!

  6. Je ris mais ce n'est pas drôle. Mélanger deux teintes de blanc, je pense tellement que ça pourrait m'arriver. Je ne suis pas tellement organisée mais la seule chose que je fait est d'épingler rapidement sur mes "blancs" ce que c'est: fabricant + couleur. Mais malgré tout, je suis certaine que je vais me tromper au moins une fois. Tu pourrais peut-être faire des mléanges des deux blancs dans le binding....

  7. Love these scrappy blocks! Don't stress about the different whites. It isn't very noticeable and once it is quilted and washed it will be even less so.

  8. Beautiful blocks. Gorgeous colors. The different whites won't be so noticeable once it's finished. Light usually isn't that even.


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