Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday - A Vintage Modern Baby Quilt

My sweetie's ex-wife gave birth to twin girls about a week ago. I cannot imagine giving birth to twins at 40, but I am also super happy for her and her new husband. The twins were born at 33 weeks and they are tiny and will likely stay in the hospital for a few more weeks.

When I saw the pictures of these beautiful little girls wrapped in those ugly hospital blankets, I knew I had to make them little quilts for when they are taken out of the incubators.

So I searched for quick charm square friendly baby quilt patterns and immediately found one I loved on the Moda Bakeshop.

For this first quilt, I used a charm pack of Bonnie and Camille's Vintage Modern. I love the colours... So sweet and happy and girly!

I plan on adding the name at the top and will quilt it with a soft all-over meander. I love the texture and it's super fast.

Then I need to find another quick pattern for the other twin's quilt!

And what are you working on this week?

Will be linking up at Lee's for WIP Wednesday.

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  1. Very cute, I love the collection you used for the quilt

  2. I love this design, and it looks so pretty in Vintage Modern. It since to hear a story of friendliness in complicated families. All too often things are bitter. Good on you!

  3. *that was supposed to say it's nice to hear. iPad typing!

  4. This is adorable! I love the pattern and the fabric! You are so sweet to make her some quilts for her babies. I had two NICU babies and understand. They actually use quilts to drape over the box too to help the baby slero better with all the lights on. For anoyher quick quilt with a chsrm pack try the Line Dance one over at the bakeshop or try this one... http://www.abrightcorner.com/2012/06/charming-lucy-free-quilt-pattern.html

  5. MBS is a lifesaver eh?!! You are so sweet to do these two quilts for the twins--the parents will adore them:)

  6. The quilt top is lovely, and it's so nice that you care enough to do something like that.

  7. So fabulous that you are making quilts for these little girls- your sweetie is lucky to have you :-) I made that pattern for a baby a few weeks back myself (only she was 2 weeks late and over 9 pounds, so the opposite of these girls!) What about making the same pattern with a different colorway for #2?

  8. Lovely. Very sweet of you to make those tiny babies quilts. Good luck picking your other pattern.

  9. That is so cute! I love vintage modern too.

  10. That is a great baby quilt! Love the modern vintage!