WIP Wednesday - A Parade of Quilt Tops

It's been slow going over here. It feels like I haven't finished anything in ages. And I haven't been feeling really good lately either. I'm sick and tired of winter, I miss the warm sunshine and I've had it with the snow already (we just got another few centimeters today!)...

Anyhow, enough of that.

For WIP Wednesday this week, I have 3 finished tops to share.

First up, I appliqued the name on the Vintage Modern baby quilt for twin baby Olivia. I absolutely love this little quilt and can't wait to have it all finished.

Then, I got started with the quilt for baby number 2: little Alexia. For this one, I used Always and Forever by Deb Strain. In my last post, someone suggested I use the same pattern for the second quilt and I think it was a brilliant idea. :-)

I ordered a super soft flannel for the backing for both quilts and will be using Kona Bubblegum for the binding. I can't wait to see them all quilted and done.

And finally, I finished piecing my Modern Crosses top. This quilt top is one of my all-time favourites. I love the colours and the pattern is so much fun.

When I got home from work today, I pieced the back and I hope to sandwich and start quilting it tomorrow night after work. With any luck, my sweetie will be able to have his Saturday afternoon nap snuggled under this quilt this weekend.

What about you? Do you have lots of WIPs? Head over to Lee's and link up!

Happy Wednesday!




  1. I'm tired of winter, too. Sewing quilts helps me keep my sanity! Spring is only 31 days away, so hang in there. I've been slowly sewing, too, no big finishes to report.

  2. I love how they match but are different at the same time. Great suggestion. That crosses quilt is fun too. I keep telling my hubby how I hate being cold. I just want to not be cold for one whole day. We had a bit of melt today but will all our crazy snow buildup that had it's own problems with lakes forming in the yard and our neighbor getting some standing water. We just can't win.

  3. OOHHH I love them all! Specially the modern crosses

  4. All great projects, but I really love the modern crosses. Great job!

  5. I love your modern crosses and the baby quilts are really cute, too.

  6. That's an impressive amount of quilt tops to get quilted. Have you decided how you will quilt them?

  7. The quilts are fantastic! I love the names on them. :)

    I'm so tired of snow too - Good thing it is 70 degrees out there today!

  8. Your modern crosses quilt looks gorgeous, I love the colours too. And those baby quilts are very cute.

  9. Hello, love the twin quilts. Could you tell me where you found the letters? Thanks.


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