WIP Wednesday - Lots of quilting!

We are already in the middle of January! My baby turns 16 this weekend... OMG is all I'm gonna say! :-)

And since this is the middle of the week, I get to show you my works in progress and tell you about my plans for the next week. Since my last WIP Wednesday post, I've been busy with two projects that are both at the quilting stage now.

First, here is the Hashtag Baby Quilt on the sewing machine getting quilted.

I finished piecing the back over the weekend and started quilting Sunday night. I thought I was going with a big meander, but in the end, I decided to go with straight lines.

I should be able to get this finished and bound before the end of the week.

The second project getting quilted is my mini charm pillow cover. Except this one is getting HAND quilted. I'm neither very fast at this, nor am I very good. I guess both speed and quality will come with practice!

I'm quilting straight lines 1/4" away from the seams and using my Hera Marker to mark the lines. This should take me 100 years or so! :-)

I really needed to start piecing another baby quilt this week because my deadline for this one is fast approaching, but I only got as far as pulling all the fabric I'll need.

This baby quilt will be all blues and greens with a touch of orange. I can't wait to get started!

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And what are you working on this week?




  1. This is a great set of projects. I hear ya on the hand quilting, although I love how it looks! The nnew baby quilt sounds fun and speaking of babies... 16! How exciting! My oldest is eight and that is crazy to me.

  2. Nice! I love that you're hand quilting! One of the ladies in my bee is a crazy good hand quilter and churns em out like you've never seen. She was telling me that she sets up her frame so she can put one hand on top and one hand on bottom and just pushes the needle between them.

    How's your husband?

  3. I have the hashtag pattern as well and was thinking about doing this, I like yours, especially the dark background as opposed to white. I'm currently machine quilting two quilts. Good luck with your hand quilting, try not to stick yourself with the needle too much, that's why I stopped! Can I ask you where you purchase your fabrics online?

  4. Your hand quilting looks great, love the colours.

  5. I'm sure you will be much improved at hand quilting after a little time and practice! In fact, knowing you you are probably already done with it!!!! I don't like hand sewing one bit, but I recognize what a nice touch it can be to a project so I'm willing to slog through it every once in a while:). I can't wait to see the baby quilt!

  6. You've got lots of great things going on! Love that hashtag quilt! Sixteen? I'm feeling like that too.


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