Feathers... Sort of!

This weekend, I finished quilting the sampler squares on my Christmas quilt. The last thing to tackle before calling this quilt done was the borders. I'd been thinking about doing long feathers along each border and then some kind of filler around the feathers and the stars in each corner.

I spent a little bit of time practicing feathers on paper and when I thought I could do a pretty decent feather, I brought the quilt to the machine and jumped right in.

Well... Doodling feathers on paper is a little bit different than actually moving this huge quilt under the needle. And so my first feather didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped.

Not all bad, but I obviously need to review Angela's Craftsy class before moving onto the remaining borders!

And what have you been up to this weekend?




  1. They look great Izzy! Maybe a bigger wave in the spine is what you were looking for? I just got finished with some grocery shopping and I'm moving on to making dinner :-)

  2. Looks pretty good to me! I find that when I working on something I'm so close to it and so focused on the details. It helps to walk away from it for a few hours (or overnight) and look at it again. Those little things that seemed like such a BIG deal just kind of disappear. :)

  3. nice work isabelle! I think your quilting is coming along really well!


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