Practicing my FMQ Skills

I know many quilters like to use practice squares to hone their FMQ skills, but me, I just like to practice while I'm actually working on a real quilt. The people I give my quilts to don't care that the quilting isn't perfect, they don't care that a couple of lines aren't straight or that a few stitches got skipped.

So on Dylan's quilt, I decided to try something I had never done before - spirals. BIG spirals!

They are not perfect, in fact, a few of them are really bad. But if you look at the quilt while driving at 10 km/h, you won't notice how bad they really are! :-). And I really like the texture I'm getting with this design. There's a bit of space between each line in the spirals so the quilt is nice and soft.

I'm about half way done now so I should be able to finish the quilting and sew the binding on next weekend. Yay!

I hope you had a great weekend!




  1. Those spirals look great! I think we're always our own worst critics. :) I usually do practice on smaller projects, but there really is no substitute for the weight of a quilt when you're doing FMQ. You just have to take the plunge sometime I guess!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. I love them! They look wonderful! If I didn't know it, I would have thought you had been doing them for a long time :-) I find that I usually don't like how my quilting is going as I'm actually doing the quilting, then once it's bound and finished and the picture in my head of what I "thought" it would look like disappears, I love the final results. Congratulations on some spectacular quilting :-)

  3. Good for you! There's a difference between a functional quilt and a show quilt. I think functional quilts are a perfect place to practice and I totally agree - handmade is not perfection!

  4. It looks very good to me. I don't make quilts for quilt shows or to be judged. I make quilts for people I love, and charity donation. He will love this. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Looks great! I love spirals too.

  6. I love your quilting... it looks perfect from here! Beautiful!

  7. I love the swirls!!! They look great. Especially with the design of the top. I didn't even need a horse to say that:) Stared at it and everything. Cant wait to see done.


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