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I was browsing through the Craftsy catalog of online courses the other day and saw this course on paper piecing. I tried paper-piecing once and let's just say, I wasn't very successful. In fact, I made such a mess of it, I just gave up.

But then I started seeing gorgeous blocks pop up all over blogland and knew I wanted to try the technique again so I signed up for the course above.

I watched the first couple of lessons, and it seemed easy enough once you have the right tools and techniques, so I ordered a new "Add-a-Quarter" ruler, found a book I had with a bunch of different block designs in it and got to work.

And here is my first block!

Isn't it beautiful? Love those perfect points and it really was pretty easy.

I'm going to practice some more and when I'm ready, I'm going to tackle this design which I've been dying to make. The Montreal Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a challenge over the summer and we have to make a quilt (any size) with a traditional block but give it a modern twist. I think these geese are going to be the project I choose.

I even ordered a bunch of solids from Mad About Patchwork last week to get started.

Love those yummy colours!

What about you? Have you learned something new lately? If yes, please share in the comments.

Have a wonderful and thank you so much for visiting.




  1. That block looks great! I am totally inspired to start watching some of the craftsy courses I've registered for but have never finished.

  2. Awesome! Good for you! I tried paper piecing for the first time ever recently too. Here's the index of posts related to that project:


    It was fun. Yes, there was a cuss word too. It happens, specially on new techniques! I bet your quilt will be fantastic.

  3. I adore paper piecing! It is so fun and the points come out perfectly! I made a circle of geese block (the one you love) last year in my sampler. My only advise would be to cut the pieces larger than you need then you can trim down later. It uses a bit more fabric but for a newbie it's the best way to go. Then when you figure it out and get more confident you can make you pieces more the size they should be. Unpicking paper piecing is a nightmare so avoid it at all costs! Also be sure to shorten your stitch length. It makes tearing off the paper a lot easier.

  4. I have been wanting to try paper piecing for awhile now. I finally bought a beginner's book (Carol Doak) and gave it a try. Yesterday I finished a mini wall hanging of paper pieced hearts. I used some leftover red, white and blue fabric from another quilt and made patriotic hearts which I can hang up from Memorial Day through the summer for all those patriotic holidays. Maybe it was a simple pattern, but I didn't have much trouble with it. I'll definitely try it again. Looking for a good cat pattern now ...

  5. Your block is beautiful! I have paper pieced on occasion... but it seems to be a lot of work... but very useful for some blocks and half square triangles too!


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