WIP Wednesday - Piles...

Feels like I'm surrounded by piles today and piles are pretty much what I've got going on this WIP Wednesday.

Piles of granny squares in various states of construction...

Piles of nine-patch blocks to be turned into a Schnibble...

Piles of goodness delivered by Canada Post today...

My sweetie keeps calling me his great piler. I'm starting to think maybe he's right. But don't tell him I said that! :-)

Linking up at Lee's for WIP Wednesday.




  1. There are worse things to be called:)

  2. Your Schnibble is going to be wonderful! I need to go raid my charm packs and decide what I am going to use!

  3. I love the polka dotted bundle (pile!).

  4. I love the granny blocks. My husband as well comments every so often on my purchases. I just added to my pile the same as the one you have on the left (retro right?) and I did zigzags instead of dots :-)

  5. Your nine-patch blocks are very enticing. I'd love to see the finished quilt. I hope you'll show us.


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