WIP Wednesday

I'm realising now that March really hasn't been a very productive month for me in the sewing room. Too much going on at work and not enough energy left at night to even bother going to my sewing room.

Once again this week, I've made a little bit of progress on a couple of things, but nothing huge.

I did finish 2 mini quilts for my daughter (blogged about here).

I also finished piecing row 7 of Lori's Row Along. Love those cute leaves!

And I pieced the Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Mystery BOM block 10. This block is called "Sunday Drive" and was designed by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson (www.minickandsimpson.com).

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  1. Your leaf row is so beautiful. I'm struggeling with the last row just now.

  2. Those leaves are so cute! What a pretty quilt that will be. Also loving the block, can't go wrong with some lovely HSTs!

  3. you may not feel like you have been that productive, but I think you are doing great. When I worked, I hardly quilted at all. I just didn't seem to have the mental energy to be creative or something. Anyway, I love your row and the block is fabulous. I love Minick and Simpson.


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