WIP Wednesday - The Starburst Edition!

I've been working on a bunch of different things this week.  I blogged on Sunday about the starting the quilting of Daisy Chains over the weekend, but I also got started with Lori Holt's Row Along.  Row 1 is done and I've most of the pieces for Row 2 all cut and ready to assemble.

But most of my focus so far this week has been on Starburst.  Our assignment this week was to sew together 2 blocks...  and my assignment is complete!  Yay!

Block 1 of my Starburst

Block 2 of my Starburst

To say that I'm loving these blocks would be an understatement.  I like everything about them... the fabric (Ruby by Bonnie & Camille)... the pattern (by Melissa at Happy Quilting)... even my piecing is pretty darn good.  :-)

In terms of WIPs, I've got:

- Starburst (2 blocks done, 2 to go)
- FQS 2012 Mystery Designer BOM (waiting for the February block)
- Lori Holt's Row Along (row 1 complete, working on row 2)
- Scrappy Tripalong (12 blocks done, need 8 more)
- Daisy Chains (quilting has begun!)

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And at Melissa's for the Starburst Quiltalong:

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are having a fantastic week!



  1. MMM! Loving the starburst. I'm now regretting not jumping on this QAL when I had the chance. I talked myself out of it because I had too many projects going on. You have me thinking I should get back in!! Great job :)

  2. Yours are so beautiful! What a pretty line of fabric. It never really was something I fancied too much, but it just looks spectacular in this design!

    I am almost done with mine. The kids and husband have been sick and now I am too. I was just telling my husband how lucky we were not to get sick when Sunday a cold and then a stomach bug has worked its way through the family.

  3. They look fantastic! So regretting not joining this one...

  4. They are so pretty Izzy!! And I agree, you took some fantastic pictures!! Can't wait to see it all together. And wait to go on those perfect points!!

  5. Love your Starburst blocks! Can't wait to see the next two.

  6. I somehow missed this post! I love the starburst, especially the second one. What fabric are you using for Lori Holt? I'm anxious to see pics. I've been reading along with it, but haven't felt compeled to sew in. Yet.


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