I really tried to resist!

During the entire holiday period, people all over blogland were posting pictures of blocks made with this tutorial. I tried to resist... I really did...

But resistance was futile...


The fabric I used were leftover strips that I was never going to use anyways because I'm really not that crazy about it! :-)

How about you? Were you able to resist?




  1. I actually had no interest in doing this one until this post. I love the idea of using up those fabrics that have me scratching my head and saying "What was I thinking?"

  2. Nope! I saw that Cascade Quilter had tried it with 1 1/2" strips and THAT was impossible for me to resist. I made my first four blocks this afternoon. I've made this pattern already for one of my sons (gotta hurry up and get that quilted!) and it's a lot of fun.

  3. I was able to resist until January 1st. One-by-one, the pictures on Instagram slowly broke my resolve. :D The blocks come together pretty quickly, so I don't feel too guilty!

  4. So far so good. I have been able to resist but I think that is because I have been laying down with the flu for the past 5 days. Otherwise, I would totally be on the bandwagon!! Yours looks awesome!!


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