October... A Small Mosaic!

When I created my mosaic for October, I realized I completed two projects this month, and finished two quilt tops.  Given everything going on around here, those are pretty good results.

1.  Decoy - Quilted   2. Dimestore - Quilted  3. Hubble - finished top  4. Adam's Quilt - finished top

In November, I plan on:

- Quilting Hubble
- Quilting Adam's baby quilt
- Piecing Charming Stars
- Finishing the nautical 241 bag
- Working on a new baby quilt for my little nephew due in late December

Lily's Quilts

And how was your month of October?



  1. Great work! You might want to hop over to Sinta's blog ;-)

  2. Beautiful quilts - love the star ones!


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