I am one lucky girl!

Just like most of you I imagine, my fabric buying budget is usually pretty limited. Especially at this time of year with the holidays coming soon. So I love giveaways... And bloggers are such a wonderfully generous bunch of people! :-)

Michele of Islandlife Quilts was hosting a giveaway a little while ago to celebrate her blog anniversary... And I won!

Michele included in the package:  a large notebook, a really cute magnetic notepad, 10 Wonder Clips (which I've been wanting to try forever!) and 2 Marmalade mini charm packs!  How cool is that?  Oh and she wrote me a note that brought tears to my eyes...  :-)

I have been following Michele's blog for a while now and she is a fantastic quilter, a great lady and over the last couple of years, has become a wonderful friend.  You really should go check out her blog!

Michele - I know I sent you an email, but I wanted to publicly thank you for the prize.  I really am tickled pink!  :-)



  1. Michelle is the most awesome person!

  2. I entered that giveaway too. Congratulations on the win! I have been wanting to try those clips and coveting Marmalade for a while now too.

  3. I'm so glad you like it Izzy! You are so sweet to thank me again :-) I'm so lucky to have wonderful blog friends like you. I remember years ago when we met as we first started our blogs. I was so happy to meet you! My first true blog friend :-) We live so far apart, but we have so much in common, especially quilting! You'll love the Wonder Clips. They are cute and so handy!


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