WIP Wednesday - Decoy in Progress

We finally got a bit of rain this weekend... we badly needed it... the garden really needed it!  We woke up on Sunday to beautiful sunny skies, but by about 1:00 PM, we had dark clouds, loud thunder and some spectacular lighting. 

And what's better on a rainy Sunday afternoon than sitting at your sewing machine with beautiful fabric?  Well... almost nothing!  :-)

Decoy designed by Carrie Nelson (Another Bite of Schnibbles). 
Fabric:  Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille for Moda

I was able to piece all 9 blocks as well as most of the sashing.  I will be finishing the top this weekend.

Another project my sweetie and I have been working on is a new deck at the cottage.

That's not actually a door leading out to the deck, it's a huge window, but it's awesome!  And that room is where I sew.  So I can take little breaks and just step out onto the deck!

The railing isn't even built yet, but I've got my bistro furniture out there already.  Had my morning coffee out there Sunday morning.  It was great!

In progress:
- Two Percent (still at 4 blocks quilted out of 9 done)
- Decoy (the July Schnibble)
- Afghan (more grannies done and I also started weaving the ends - hate that part!)

Completed Projects:

New Projects:

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful and so is your cottage.....love your deck! What a great spot!

  2. Wow the quilt looks really pretty, I love the colors! Pink, red & aqua go so good together. That deck looks like it's going to be a very lovely place to hang out. :)

  3. Love your stars! That line is so pretty, and yes the sound of rain is wonderful! and you will have a great deck to hang out under when it is raining!

  4. those stars are lovely with Vintage modern!

  5. Lucky you! The deck will be awesome!

    Your Decoy Schnibble looks so pretty made out of Vintage Modern.

  6. Wow Izzy! Love the vintage modern stars! That deck is incredible, can I please come and live with you?!!

  7. Beautiful quilt top! Vintage modern is my favorite fabric line right now, such gorgeous colors. Your deck is amazing! That will be so cool to have such a nice spot to relax during sewing breaks!

  8. Awesome!!! How cool that he can build that for you! :D

  9. Your Decoy is looking lovely :-) It will be spectacular when it is finished! You will enjoy that deck so much :-) What an amazing space!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful quilt!! And of course I think it looks even more amazing in Vintage Modern!


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