W.I.P. Wednesday - Two Tops!

I am super happy to be able to share two completed tops this week.  The first one I showed you earlier this week.  It's Summer Day - the April Schnibbles.

Summer Day in Prairie Paisley II

And you got a little preview of the second one in my April in Review post. 

Over a year ago, I made a very similar quilt for my nephew knowing I would one day need to make a second one.  So at the time, I cut all the pieces I would need and placed everything in a big Ziploc Freezer bag.  When I found out in April that my 4th grand-nephew was finally here and that his grand-mother (my SIL) was going to be in Montreal the first weekend of May, I knew I needed to piece the Sailboats quilt for this new baby boy.

Unfortunately, I can't recall the name of the collection I used, but I do know it was a Moda collection.  And the pattern is from the book Two From One Jelly Roll by Pam and Nicky Lintott (love those ladies!).

This week, I also completed a few granny squares for my Colourful Afghan.

My stats:

Completed quilting projects:  0
In progress:  9 (oh my!)
New quilting projects:  1 (the Sailboats)

Completed knitting/crochet projects:  0
In progress:  4
New projects:  0

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  1. Hello! Work, six kids, AND time to sew?! You go girl! What cute quilts!I especially like the freshness of the fabric in the second quilt.

  2. Love the colors in the baby quilt! That reminds me I need to finish up the baby quilt I am making. I have quilter's night out this Friday, and that will be my main task!

  3. Yay for two finished quilt tops! They both look great! The boat quilt is so fun and I love all the movement in Summer Day!

  4. These are so lovely......love the bright green in sailboat quilt.


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