TNT Thursday - My First Tote Bag

I've been wanting to make myself a tote bag forever...  But I had never made a bag before and a lot of the tutorials I found in blogland just seemed too complicated for me so I kept searching.  Well...  I'm sitting at the cottage on Saturday, sipping a coffee and just looking around when I found the PERFECT tutorial for a tote bag on FairyFace Designs.  The tutorial is actually from Leanne who was guest-blogging over at FairyFace Designs.

All you need is 18 charm squares and some lining fabric.  So I chose Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs for Moda and got to work.

A couple of hours later, I had my very first bag:

And I love it!  I liked it so much and it was so easy to make that I've decided to make a bunch of them for Mother's Day this year.  It's perfect for books, knitting supplies, shoes, lunches, whatever!  I'm super excited about this tote bag!  :-)

So excited in fact that I decided to link up at Happy Quilting for T.N.T. Thursday!

And what have you tried this week?


  1. Beautiful bag, I'm sure you'll be making more now!

  2. It's beautiful! I'm glad you found a design that you like / felt like you could make , it really looks great! I like making totes, bags & I'm due for a new one. I'll check out the tutorial!

  3. Love the scrappy quilts on your header. Cute fabrics and color combos.

  4. Love the tote bag!!! So fun and yes, I can see how it would perfect for so many things :)

  5. That bag is lovely! You did a great job taking the picture too :-) Congrats on your first bag! What have I tried?........bias binding, again. I did a post about it yesterday. This method is easy, yet tricky at the same time.


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