Summer is here!

Well, summer has finally gotten here! It was close to 40 degrees (celsius) here today and extremely humid. Now I live in Quebec so summer lasts about 3 months here if we're lucky... so while it's here, not much quilting gets done. I just cannot bring myself to spend my weekend indoors when the weather is so beautiful.

I therefore don't have much to report in terms of quilty accomplishments I'm afraid. I did make a little progress with the new curtains I'm making for the kitchen, but that's pretty much it.

I will be spending 4 days at the cottage this weekend, and if it rains, I will be spending some of that time in my sewing room upstairs so I'm hoping to finish the 2nd panel of these curtains and maybe even get my grand-mother's quilt ready for quilting. Her birthday is on July 14 and quilting always takes me a loooong time so I need to get started on it.

Meanwhile, I've been spending lots of time outside, cleaning out the garden and enjoying the beautiful flowers blooming all over. I'm brand-new at this gardening thing, but I do enjoy it. Flowers make me happy! And look at how pretty these irises are...

That's it for now! Talk to you all later!