Bed Quilts

Bed Quilts I Finished

Daisy Chain
Fabric:  Various solids and a dragonfly print
Designers:  Pam and Nicky Lintott
Size:  Twin Size
For Marianne's bed in the city
Finished February 2013

The Big EZ
Fabrics:  All from my stash - not designer
Designer:  Vicky Bellino (from the book Bloom Creek Quilts)
Size:  74" x 95"
For Brittany's bed
Finished April 2013

Two Percent
Fabric:  Veranda by Amanda Murphy
Designer:  Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie Quilts Company
Size:  82" square
Made for my bed in the city
Finished July 2013

Stacks of Colour
Fabric:  Meadow Friends by Deb Strain
Designers:  Pam and Nicky Lintott (book:  Jelly Roll Dreams)
Size:  68" x 88"
For Dylan's bed in the city
Finished July 2013

Apple Squares
Fabric:  Little Apples by Aneela Hoey for Moda
Designer:  I'm not sure (but the block is a Granny Square)
Size:  approx. 50" x 78"
My lap quilt in the city
Finished September 2013

Fabric:  Lucy's Crab Shack
Designer:  Camille Roskelley
Size:  82" square
Finished July 2014

SuperNova Friendship Swap Quilt
Fabric:  Various
Designer:  Lee of Freshly Pieced
Size:  64" x 82"
Finished April 2015

Festive Forest Patio
Fabric:  Festive Forest by Tamara Kate Designs for Michael Miller
Designer:  The Happy Zombie
Size:  62" x 82"
Finished April 2015

Bed Quilt for Max
Fabric:  World Tour (Parson Gray), Juggling Summer (Zen Chic), Kona Black
Designer:  Jan DiCintio
Size:  66" x 88"
Finished: June 2015
QAYG Bed Quilt
Fabrics:  Daydream by Kate Spain and Kona Ash
Designer:  Me
Size:  72" x 88"
Finished:  August 2015
The Guitar Quilt
Fabrics:  Kona White and Snow, various scraps
Design inspired by a pattern in Summer 2014 Modern Quilts Unlimited
Size:  60" x 80"
Finished:  December 2015
Random Plus Quilt
Fabrics:  scraps and Kona Ash
Designer:  Megan from City Quilts
Size:  80" x 70"
Finished: March 2016