Ashton and Arden: A Perfect Pairing!

I've made the Ashton Top and the Arden Pants a couple of times now (both patterns by Helen's Closet), but I hadn't made an outfit from both until now and I'm in love!

I've been working on creating a small capsule for the warmer weather months and these two pieces are part of that capsule. Participating in Me Made May this year made me realize I don't sew "outfits". I sew individual garments that may or may not fit with the rest of my wardrobe and that means I have a few orphan pieces that don't go with anything. This has to stop and hence the capsule plans.

The Ashton top is in a creamy viscose twill from Minerva. I made a straight size 18 with no modifications. The pattern offers two ways to finish the neckline and arms: an all in one facing (with the burrito method) or bias binding. I didn't want the facing to show through on this pretty light fabric so went with bias binding I purchased from the Specky Seamstress a few months ago. (As a side note, I highly recommend this bias binding - she has a bunch of really cute designs.)

I also used French seams to finish the inside of the top. Again, the fabric is very lightweight and I didn't want the serging to show through. I'm super pleased with my new top and it's going to see a lot of action this summer because it will go with so many things in my closet.

The details:

My new pair of Arden pants is in a gorgeous navy linen from Blackbird Fabrics. It was my first time sewing with linen and aside from the fact that it frays pretty easily, this was a dream to sew with. And my new pants feel absolutely amazing on the body.

I made a size 20 and the fit is pretty good. There is a bit of extra fabric pooling under my bum and I probably could use a low seat adjustment to fix that, but I'm not worrying about it. I'll try to remember to make the adjustment on my next pair.

I made view A and rolled-up the hem which is how I like to wear these pants in the summer. These will be so practical in my work-from-home wardrobe and I have many tops that will go very nicely with this colour.

The details:

I am so happy with my little summer outfit!


  1. Super cute and I love the 'capsule' ideal. Good luck rounding that out!


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