A Modern Postage Stamp Quilt

I'm still battling my scrap bins! If you're a quilter, you know that it doesn't really matter how many scrap quilts you make, the scrap bins will always be full. I sometimes get tempted to cut my scraps into a bunch of squares but then get discouraged after cutting just a few.

It was during one of these cutting sessions that I found the Modern Postage Stamp quilt pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting.

I decided to sew my blocks in a rainbow pattern - I already cut a few 2.5" squares in most colours so that shortened the amount of time I spent cutting.

I wasn't really surprised to see that making this quilt barely put a dent in my scrap bins. In fact, it made no difference at all. 

The sashing is Kona White. I wanted a high contrast between the blocks and the sashing so made sure none of the coloured blocks had fabric with lots of white in them.

I used my favourite wavy lines with the walking foot for the quilting, but decided to have a bit of fun by choosing a matching thread for every row of the "rainbow". I also quilted this quilt more densely than is my habit to make sure the stitching lines would be very apparent on the quilt top.

The backing is another sheet from the sheet stash. I'm down to only one sheet left now but I love using sheets so much I think I'm going to try thrift shops to find more.

The binding is a colourful stripe I've had in my stash forever. I thought it would be a fun frame for a rainbow quilt, but now that it's been sewn on there, I'm not sure I love it. 

The details:
  • Pattern: Modern Postage Stamp Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting
  • Size: 54" x 62"
  • Fabrics: Kona White and a rainbow of scraps 
  • Thread: Pieced with Aurifil #2600 (dove) and quilted with Aurifil #1130 (brown), #2780 (blue), #2520 (purple), #2230 (red), #2150 (orange), #2890 (green), #2479 (pink) and #2135 (yellow) in 50 and 40 wt


  1. It's crazy how big scrap bins really are. I like that you gave yourself permission to use a little bit from each bin, and the binding is a fun frame for this bright quilt!

  2. I like the binding! It didn't jump out at me in a bad way when I saw the first photo of your lovely quilt. Those scraps never diminish do they? It's still fun to tackle them with a new pattern every now and again though :-)


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