Weekend Projects

Well, here we are again, almost at the end of another week.  And for me, this means planning my quilting for the weekend.

So here is what I'm hoping to be able to get done:

1.  Finish the mini quilt I began last weekend.  I also realized when I posted about this mini quilt earlier this week, that I forgot to note the pattern and author so I could share with you on my blog.  So I will do that in my next post.

2.  Start working on the January Schnibble (Full House).  I ordered the pattern earlier this month, but it only arrived today.  Not sure which Charm Packs I'm going to use for that one...

3.  If time allows, prepare backing and sandwich for Two Percent.

That's it for now.  Talk to you later!


  1. Hi Izzy! Glad you are doing the Schnibbles. I have a lot of mine cut out, and my plan this weekend is to cut out the rest and start sewing! Although I like house quilts, this one is not my favorite, so I will probably give it to someone.


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