I love the month of May!

May has got to be my very favourite month... the weather actually allows you to be outside for more than 10 minutes without either getting frozen to death or soaking wet, the spring flowers are blooming and the greenery comes back! It feels like Mother Nature rewarding us for making it through another long, hard, cold winter.

These beautiful flowers are growing right outside my kitchen window at the cottage... aren't they absolutely gorgeous? They almost look fake they are so perfect...

If I look up from the flower bed, this is what I see at this time of year... trees... leaves... Nature coming back to life. I love it!

Now for a little bit of quilty stuff: I quilted and put the binding on the "Coming Homes" table toppers and they are both sitting on top of my bedroom furniture at the cottage. I love how they look.

And I also made this cute pillow with the scraps from a quilt I'm making for my grand-mother's 85th birthday which is coming up in July:

Oh and here are the finished "Quilty Curtains" in the upstairs window. I really like the look of quilts as curtains so I decided to do the same thing for the kitchen window (this is a new window we just finished putting in).

That's it for now... Talk to you all later!


  1. What beautiful flowers! You have been busy! Lovely projects :-)


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